Painter Patrick Seufert

After graduating from Tyler School of Art in 2012 Patrick focused on getting a body of work together.  Over the course of about 4 years he worked hard and painted harder.  He entered into a number of juried art shows and won some awards along the way.  He had combined his love for oil painting and his fondness for illustration into a style all his own.  With a little help from his camera he was on his way.    

Patrick was somehow drawn to the city of Philadelphia.  He had never lived there but had been there countless times as it was only a short drive down I-95.  Philadelphia is a blue collar city and that is what he wanted to show.  While not all of his paintings depict the city there is a constant theme of aged buildings and worn down streets that is almost always present.  He does not wish to show the parts of the city that have been photographed or painted many times, he wants to show the common spaces that nobody would think to paint but where everyone has been at some point.  Although the scenes he paints are mostly of Philly they could be mistaken for Chicago or New York.    

Patrick has been extremely fortunate to have had the guidance of his parents through the years.  They have helped him with the business aspect of art and the ups and downs that come with it.  For the last 4 years Patrick has traveled as far south as Virginia and as far west as Pittsburgh to display his work.  He has also been fortunate to be a part of the Rittenhouse Square Fine Art show in center city Philadelphia for the past 6 years.  Currently Patrick is not represented by any gallery but he is open to the idea if it fits his needs.  He hopes to continue to evolve as an artist while continuing to maintain quality and to produce work that he has put all of his thought and effort into.