Shows & Awards





When: October 12th & 13th

Where: Arlington Rd. & Elm St. Bethesda, MD 20814


Past Shows and Awards

October, 2009:  80th Annual Phillips Mill Juried Show and Exhibition, New Hope, PA.  Painting accepted: “Northeast Spectrum”.

September, 2011: Artist’s House Gallery, 2nd Street in Old City, Philadelphia, PA.  Group show.

 November, 2011: The American Artists Professional League’s 83rd Grand National Exhibition, New York, N.Y. at the Salmagundi Club, 5th Avenue. AWARD for painting - “Abandoned Sunset”.

March, 2012: Artists of Yardley 1st Annual Juried Art Show, Yardley, PA.  Painting - “The Crossing”.

April, 2012: Academy of Fine Arts National Juried Exhibition, Lynchburgh, VA. Painting - “Synthetic Snow”.  AWARD: Juror’s Choice Award.

 September, 2012: 83rd Annual Phillips Mill Juried Show and Exhibition, New Hope, PA AWARD: “Paxson Hill Farm Award for painting – “Bright House”.

November, 2013: Artist’s House Gallery, 2nd Street in Old City, Philadelphia, PA. Group show. “Views of the City” Exhibition.

February/March, 2014: Jeffry Leder Gallery “International Painting III”, Juried Show, New York, N.Y. Paintings - “Red Route” and “Pink Plywood”.

May, 2014: New Hope Art Leagues 5th annual Juried Show, New Hope, PA.  AWARD for painting - “Pink Plywood”.

July, 2014: Lititz Juried Show, Lititz, PA. AWARD: Best of Show for painting “Linkage”, Best of Oils for painting – “Above the Earthmover”.

January/February, 2018: Pleiades Gallery, 530 W. 25th Street, New York, N.Y. Group show.

September, 2018: 89th Juried Art Show at Phillips Mill, New Hope, PA (Bucks County) “Patrons Award for Painting” (top prize) for “Chemical Twilight”.

Patrick exhibits twice a year at the Rittenhouse Square Art Exhibition in Center City, Philadelphia. (since 2012)

 Victoria Donahue, art critic for the Philadelphia Inquirer Philadelphia, PA ( in regards to Patrick’s paintings being shown at Artists House Gallery, 2011) writes: “each shows a dep receptivity to the urban landscape, yet manages not to end up with a reportorial look. Lack of ostentation helps – Seufert in his compelling, hyper-realistic views of factories, bridges, parking lots and Tacony housing…their presentations indicate that at the very least they have found a style, a promising direction and primary concern.”


Gwen Shrift, art critic for the Bucks County Courier Times,  Bucks County, PA (in regards to Patrick’s painting – “Northeast Spectrum” 80th Annual Phillips Mill Juried show and Exhibition) writes: “Patrick Seufert turned his back on the rural views to paint “Northeast Spectrum”, the backside of an industrial complex. There’s poetry in the almost photo-realistically painted square and angled buildings, the clear, hard blue sky, the snow on the parking lot and a row of nondescript cars huddled by a factory wall.”

Gwen Shrift also writes: (Artists of Yardley 1st Annual Juried show) “Patrick Seufert exhibits “The Crossing,” a bold, almost photorealistic painting of a lone cyclist crossing a bridge as buildings rise ahead like a rectangular mountain range. In a delicate touch, Seufert divides his canvas precisely but not obviously in half horizontally, with the roofline of a low block of buildings.”